Day Visits – Hall and Grounds

£7.50 per person per day (10.00 am – 4.00 pm)

£7.50 per person per evening (4.00pm – 10.00pm)
Heating/electric surcharge £10 per group


Robert Orme Centre
£15 per person per night residential (4.00pm – 4.00pm).
Four bedrooms (2 with 3 beds, 2 with 4 beds)
inclusive of use of hall and meeting room.

Please provide your own sleeping bags/towels.

Warden’s Camping
£12 per person per night (4.00pm – 10.00am)
Bring your own equipment or hire from us.

(Please note day time spent on site in excess of the camping
hours will be charged extra at the day visit rate of
£7.5 per person per day)

The Avocet (formerly The Away Break Flat)
£85 per night, sleeps 5 (exclusive use of flat, kitchen and lounge).

Accessible bed and bathroom facilities.
Please bring your own towels.

Additional Hire Charges
4 person tent – £5 per night
Roll mat – £1 per night
Barbecue (including gas) £10 per day
Contribution to electricity/heating £20 per group per 24 hours

Wednesdays – £11.00 per bath
£13.50 if using transport


Or why not just give us a call on 01728 635731