Visitor Information

Briefing instructions for visiting groups

Health and Safety

Warden’s Trust is responsible for the management of the site, buildings, fixtures and fittings and equipment loaned or hired to visiting groups. It is the responsibility of the leaders of visiting groups to ensure adequate and appropriate management of members of their group, in particular their health and safety. Supervision will not be provided by the Trust for visiting groups. Group leaders must ensure that specific risk assessments are carried out, in accordance with the specific needs of their group, prior to their visit. Warden’s Trust will provide generic risk assessments for the site. The Trust’s responsibilities end at the boundaries of the property and do not include the seashore. Your visit leader is responsible for ensuring that filling out the accident book and all associated procedures are followed. A representative of the Trustees will visit the site during your stay.


Particular care needs to be taken with vehicular access. Vehicles may only be parked in designated areas with delivery access only, to the campsite. A 10 mph speed limit is enforced on site. Other highway regulations apply. Camper vans and caravans are not permitted, unless previously approved.